DIY Tausch Gummidichtung aeussere Tuergriffblende

  • Diese werden ja ueber die Jahre rissig und zerbroeseln, Wasser kann dann in die Tuer. Hier mal Bilder wie es am Z3 geht, mit englischer Beschreibung.Fahrzeug: 1997 Z3 2.8. Here is the port to access the push plate, on the passenger side door: [url][/url] Remove with a knife. You can see that I really mangled the plastic trying to use a little flathead screwdriver before I got out the knife. It looks like you can get under the tabs and pop this piece off easily, but mine required a lot more force than I expected. Don't scratch up your trim! On the driver's side, I used just the knife and it came out cleanly. [url][/url] Open! The plate that releases the door handle surround is on the right (outer) side in this hole. Reverse that for the driver's side. A flashlight really helps here. [url][/url] I used an allen wrench for the "push" part of the job: [url][/url] Now you can remove the trim piece, and clean out the gunk while you're in there. [url][/url] Here's a fancy tool I made for pulling the plate back after adding the new gasket! The latch has a lip that is open on its left and bottom sides (right and bottom on the driver's side door). Again, use a flashlight. [url][/url] All done. Before & after shots: [url][/url] This is probably the perfect tool for removing the handle cover - a paint can opener. It can do both the "push" and "pull" parts of the job. [url][/url] Die Dichtungen einzeln gibt es bei mir, BMW hat nur die kpl. Abdeckung mit Dichtung [url][/url] [url][/url]